Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pumpkins and skateboards

 It's a remarkable thing to have such a fun day. Jessi and I spent the morning organizing the house for my sister in law's baby shower. We had a great autumn theme with pumpkins and autumn flowers. 
While the ladies were baby showering, my brother David and I took Henry out to the county. We took a great walk through the pumpkin patch. David and Henry both picked out some great pumpkins. Mauro farms out at 36th lane (I think) is great. The owners gave us two apples becaus Henry couldn't wait for check out. 
After the pumpkin patch we stopped in to Solar Roast for a cup of coffee. Izzy made me a fantastic latte.

Our buddy, Big Deal Bemis joined us for some shenanigans to celebrate my brothers first born.  Look for the Big Deal Bemis Blend in store. It is very limited, and highly erratic. 
I also skateboarded for the first time in years. Thbakbuou John O. for giving me the opportunity. 

 All in all an unexpectedly fantastic day. My family is healthy and growing. The heater is on for autumn. And I am about to enjoy a pumpkin ale. 

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