Thursday, July 13, 2017

Colorado Companies to Watch - Winner 2017

At the heart of Colorado Companies to Watch is an awards program to honor second-stage companies for the critical role they play in our state and community economies. These companies are often flying under the radar of recognition. CCTW‘s collaborative model is also a powerful vehicle to energize Colorado’s entrepreneurial community.
Each year-long program is designed to rally around second-stage organizations throughout the state and the business communities that serve as their champions, nominators and underwriters. After an intense application and selection process, a gala dinner is held to celebrate the winners and their supporters.

AND! We won the top 50 2017 Award!

these photos are from the awards gala this past month in Denver, CO.  We had the best time hanging out with our wonderful crew and celebrating our distinction for all of our hard work.   Things like this only come about from the hard work of many people and the support of a greate community like Pueblo, Colorado.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to do what we love to do.

Wine Batch #2

Wine Barrel Batch #2 is now Available!
We started with a chardonnay barrel from the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey.  We poured organic Ethiopian coffee into the barrel and let it age for 14 weeks.  This batch we also experimented with rolling the barrel out into the sun to allow the barrel to sweat wine into the beans.   In the hot Pueblo sun you could smell the wine barrel from 10 feet.

After 14 weeks, we roasted the coffee and packaged it into hand signed and numbered specialty barrel.  Only 460 of these were created.  The coffee itself has a beautiful full fruit flavor with a distinct oak finish.  This batch is very unique in the flavors and very different from the prior batch. 

Check it out on the store and get a barrel for home!

Cheers! -Mike

Friday, June 9, 2017

Barrel Aged Coffee Series - Wine Barrel from the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey

this has been a labor of love for the past several months.   Several months a go a friend named Eric Miller stopped by the coffee house with a whiskey barrel from distillery 291 in Colorado Springs.  He suggested we try to age green coffee in the barrel and see what happened.  I was skeptical at first, but I filled the barrel with 30lbs of green coffee and waited. I would smell the opening every week or so and at about 14 weeks I decided to roast the coffee up.  What we found was an amazine Whiskey aroma and flavor that exploded the senses.  We released the limited edition coffee and sold out in 3 weeks.  
Batch 2 was another whiskey aged coffee. It too sold out in 3 weeks.  I was surprised by the amazing response and the amazing flavor.  So, I started thinking about what else I could use.  I found a perfect match with the wine barrels from our local Winery in Canon City.  When you visit Southern Colorado you simply must get to the Abbey. It has the most beautiful grounds in the area...and the wine is simply superb.  The head wine maker, Jeff was gracious enough to save some barrels for me.  
This first batch of Wine Barrel Aged coffee is from a Cabernet Wine Barrel.  The coffee I selected to age is a Colombia Organic coffee.  I am proud to tell you that the coffee has an exquisite fruity flavor with a very smooth oaky finish.  My friend Dave Ray (SRC's Chief Growth Officer) said that this is the best coffee he has ever had in his whole life!  Always prone to excitement but never to declare love quickly I agree with his assessment.  

Limited quantities.  Super fun to make. Enjoy.