Friday, October 2, 2015

I love autumn

Autumn.  It just comes when you need it doesn't it?! I'm so happy that the evenings have turned the corner in terms of heat. My wife, Jessica, brought out the quilt to keep us warm. 
I love the pumpkin lattes and pumpkin white mochas that are selling quickly. Chai teas are picking up steam. Autumn just makes me feel like a warm cafe latte. 
Last weekend jessi and I went out to the county (a magical place east of Pueblo) to purchase our pumpkins and corn. We decorated the front porch with the drying stalks. I love the change of seasons. My precocious son, Henry, just loves the line up of pumpkins. He believes them all to be his personal toys!  I don't blame him. They are too fun!
In any case I welcome everyone to share a cup of coffee with me on these cool mornings. Stop in to the cafe! Or order online and enjoy. Come visit Pueblo. It really does Autumn well. 

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