Friday, May 30, 2014

Busy weeks and great new people!

After this week I am glad to have my feet up! Tuesday was the longest roasting day in the history of SRC! I roasted through so many bags of coffee that I had to place an additional green coffee order! It was epic!  

I was lucky to have a new coworker help me in the roasterie. Geri is going to be the fastest bagger in the west! I am very thankful for the new faces in the shop, both in front of and behind the counter. 

Wednesday also marked a Capitol day! Geri and I managed to ship more boxes in a single day than ever before. We were boxing and boxing up until Tim from FedEX came for our pickup. 

Friday has come and I am just so happy to be on the couch with my baby boy and my lovely Jessi. Happy Friday to you all!