Sunday, September 20, 2015

Share the beans

It's not easy growing a business. It's a laborious and exciting process. Monday comes around and we check voicemail and the email to see what came in. And it never ceases to amaze me to see the unread emails. Orders coming in from all over the country. People who love the beans and love what we make coast to coast. It is quite humbling to realize that people really get what we do. 
How do we grow? I have found that our number one goal is to simply share Solar Roast Coffee with others. I takes 100s of phone calls and emails to reach the coffee buyers, but eventually persistence wins over. Just this week a new store gave us a shot in Indiana. It took 26 connections to get that shot!
While in the same week another customer added us after 3 connections. 
It's thrilling. 
I'm going to make 100 phone calls this week and see who I meet! 
It really is just about sharing our love for coffee with others. 
When you make the worlds best coffee and only solar powered coffee, it's easy to share!

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